R1 Virtual App, TaylorMade Golf’s Newest Driver in Augmented Reality

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See the app in action and print out the R1 ad to activate the experience at taylormadegolf.com Check it out on iTunes Preview: bit.ly Put TaylorMade Golf’s newest R1 Driver in your hands today by experiencing it through Augmented Reality via the “Virtual R1” mobile app. Explore 360-degree views of the club head, zoom in for detailed looks, and even tune the driver to meet your individual needs and preferences. The TaylorMade R1 Driver is available online and in stores February 2013. www.taylormadegolf.com


Brian Gardner says:

you know what, not everyone uses iphones !!!!!!

Virgie Aure says:

nice to see this seems so easy friendly

Timothy Courts says:

when will this be available in the australian app store

Terry Coughlin says:


Joy Zullo says:

went to your site, how come the download link doesn’t go to the app?

Janet Duran says:

Um, not sure about this, looks cool but will it actually do anything for me?

Ann Miller says:

I don’t understand, what will this app do for my R11, or this only for new drivers?

Charles Phillips says:

is this app just for apple products?

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