Right Elbow In Golf Swing Key To Consistency

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www.performbettergolf.com – If you find yourself hitting inconsistent shots. One time you may hit a big ‘ol fat chunk shot, another time you’re over-compensate and hit a thin or bladed one. The frustration continues as you try to “figure it out” on the golf course. This golf swing video will show you the role of your right elbow in the golf swing, and what it’s supposed to do, and if you don’t do it, you’re doomed to a powerless swing that never goes straight. For more FREE golf swing video tips, visit www.performbettergolf.com


tomj4607 says:

2:16 Thirdly?!?!?

munnjean says:

HUH ?? I’m a couple of years older than you ,, a four iron over 200 yards ,, awesome ,, what was your average distance ?
Can you now hit around 200 yards on a regular basis with a four iron ?
My golf season is over for at least a couple of months now that Winter is upon us.
I’m working on back to basics with Hogan’s ” Five Lessons ” and really learning from it, I’m at the gym seven days a week and start yoga next week.
I need a bit more distance off the tee ( 10 – 15 yds. ) I’ll try this ,,

Groganater88 says:

i think this may transform my game, far too eratic looking forward to practising this


wshenne says:

Best tip I’ve ever had for hitting great iron shots! Thanks!

Fern Heimann says:

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Jayps87 says:

Read this tip before teeing off this morning. Literally added 40m to my drives. Thanks for that 😉

tapquote says:

I can’t get my right elbow perpendicular to the ground. It opens like you described. For me, it is because my shoulder is not flexible enough. Any stretches that might help me reach proper position?

golferrrrrr says:

Thats the move i struggle with. Thanks i will try this 🙂

Charlie Ritch says:

Another great Tip and illustrated video Mike! Keep them coming.

chochillah says:

Fuck thiz guy

09Youba says:

Great video, I did this on a 200 yard par 3 and hit the ball over the green with my 4 iron.
Not bad for 65 year old.  Thanks.

pardiedanser says:

good tips :)

Kevin Burke says:

I’ve always struggled with the ‘swing thoughts’ for my downswing. This one is super. Cheers mate.

MaxGravitas says:

This is probably the BEST golf tip I’ve seen in 100’s of youtube golf clips. 

Patricia Oliver says:

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Jim Beaver says:

I like the video. My shoulders turn left too soon and my right elbow gets over my left arm BEFORE I hit the ball. What drills keep my right elbow under my left arm?

Wildmanfx Esteecee says:

The best info I’ve received re: the over the top problem. Thanx a lot.

checkbox1234 says:

he aint lyin

Iamremulak says:

If the average golfer tries this they’ll spray the ball so far right it’s not funny. In order to do this you have to know why it should be that way and do what causes it to happen rather than trying to make it happen. Direction of force is what causes it to happen. Everyone tries to hit the ball toward the target that’s not how a golf club works. We swing the club straight at the ball – it swings and strikes the ball toward the target. It’s like magic. Check out Lynn Blake’s videos.

scratchgolferTV says:

We agree, good explanation of the right elbow.

Carlos Osornio says:

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limolime says:

Pretty good but if you saw my swing you would apply a straightjacket as it looks like Eamon Darcy and Furyks lovechild

Alex Shek says:

Thanks for the backswing help. Post to coach my clip.com to help more players

bobbyjunior55 says:

concerning my backswing, you have opened my mind! thnx

bobbyjunior55 says:

perfect tip Mike!

brofun says:

Hey, I am going to try this! I hit my first eagle this evening..WHAT A THRILL! I have a terrible slice in my drives..and I’m hoping that by concentrating on this elbow in front..I will stop coming over the top so much!

Zenaida Buntleitner says:

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sliderm1 says:

Thanks for the tip. I find myself usually having a nice drive only to have my fairway or light rough shot go off to the side or sometimes barely off the ground. Hoping this will help me make more consistent contact. I wish i didn’t live in Michigan, it’s getting to be too cold to try this out.

golfcartman2074 says:

Very nice tip thanks.

DriiZzy360 says:

Great video Mike, Thanks alot.

Sanchothesaxplayer says:

The right arm in front of the hip: so important but so difficult to do consistently. Thank you!

Vinicius Santos says:

I couldn’t help but notice the rabbit (?) at 3:20! (But only in the third or fourth time I was watching this video!!!
Awesome video, really mind-blowing. I can’t wait to try and see my swing improving. It’s so frustrating not to have consistency. Hopefully I’ll start having it now.

paul pinckard says:

Can you explain how this works with your left hand motion drill?

jeeva979 says:

grade tips T.Q

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