Royal Porthcawl Golf Club

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Close Royal Porthcawl Golf Club with Mark Crossfield, Matthew Lockey and Rory from YourGolfTravel. Watch the guys playing around this stunning…


Mark Crossfield says:
DjTak3On3 says:

Brilliant golf course. last year British Seniors Open proves how tough this
place can play !

DjTak3On3 says:

Have a look at your alignment over your putt on hole 2 Mark.

rosenlefty12 says:

mark what are you referring to when you are talking about your scores and
you say 2 over 2’s or 1 over 2’s. thanks, awesome vids guys!

mon blue says:

Lockey army members with blue team jackets visible at 32:26

Tyler Herrera says:

Who was the guy In the black jacket on the first hole? And it looks like he
is watching these guys play golf! 

Alex Fearn says:

Where has gorilla James gone?never on any of the vlogs anymore?

patrik streng says:

Sooo Mark, a cap + a winter cap?

GrandmasterN says:

Can I just say, that if either of you guys come to Denmark, for some golf
and vlogs, I insist on an invite!!! So… Now you know!

EDIT: Is Matthew Lockey on facebook?

Kevin Gardner says:

Mark, why aren’t you using your Game Golf at the moment? 

David Couch says:

Why only 5 holes?? The course is full of brilliant holes. You need to do a
full blog of royal porthcawl with real wind

Ratbacon says:

I’m starting to think I need to get a no respect subscription.

Andy M says:

Driver in the cam at let’s get stuck in is cool.

Geoff McMillian says:

No time to watch now Mark. Tee time in a hour. I’ll view it tonight mate.

shirzotv says:

Rory reminds me of an older tommy fleetwood. Hahaha

Gabe Guzman says:

Short dog lmaoo

TheChristophalos says:

He wasn’t joking when he said £7000 camera 

jw11000 says:

Rory is prone to swaying a bit on backswing.

ericwdcuhw says:


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