Shawn Clement’s Wisdom in Golf Live! Episode 7

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Stuart Lehrman says:

shawn the last bit with the kettleball was great. the biggest problem is
you make a great practice swing and then taking the same swing with the
ball in the way. take it all the way to follow through. how do you
practice that. you can’t hit a good drive unless you finish your swing.

KA SMITH says:

I don’t think one can delve too much on the physics of the golf swing etc
(it’s really too complex). And there is very little influence on the
angular momentum of the golf swing caused just by gravity. Remember there
is also linear momentum to consider caused by the slight forward motion of
our lower body (especially on the full swing). I suspect Shawn wants us to
use the ‘feel of gravity’ to help us trace out the correct movements and
swing path. If muscles are fired in the correct sequence through to impact
in the correct swing path, then that will help in transferring more energy
to the golf ball. By feeling the weight of the arm/club unit (rather than
blasting our muscles in the incorrect sequence to make it go faster ) , we
should get better and more accurate contact.

Cloran says:

Is it just me or is the vid quality really poor?

Hans Hansen says:

Also a bit about feet position. You feets seems to be very open, which you
newer see anyone do or learn

gabriele salvadori says:

when you say momentum, what do you mean?
In physics momentum is the product mass and velocity f.i. of our unity

Sand Bunker says:

are heavy putters better ?

Allan Butler says:

with pitch shots how would you increase or decrease the amount you spin the
ball? so you can control to roll of the ball on the green…. Thanks Sean
& Matt, great stuff

wardn53 says:

I like Shawn’s videos but the google+ ones are just to blurry.

Hans Hansen says:

Think you should make some video´s about the transition from backswing to
forward. You made a video years ago, but could be nice with a review

KA SMITH says:

For regular chip and pitch shots, I can see that as you get your hips out
of the way on the backswing , both legs seem to be extending a bit . But
doesn’t this change the angle of your posture to a little more upright
(which I assume will be corrected on the downswing as your legs revert back
to their original extension)? What happens to your right hip in space in
for these types of shots? When does the Hogan Power move (ie. your butt
cheeks on the mirror video ) start and stop being used from full swings to
short regular chips?

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