Southerndown Golf Club #PorthcawlTour

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Close Southerndown Golf Club #PorthcawlTour. Watch the team take on some of Porthcawls’s best golf course. Matthew Lockey, Rory from …


Mark Crossfield says:
Darrell Ferguson says:

For the love of the sheep Mark!!

Geoff McMillian says:

You thought bananagate was bad. Just wait til the golfing world sees how
physically abusive you are towards sheep Mark. HAHA! Cheers for the laugh

david chapman says:

That was a really baaaaaaaaa…..d shot.

Luke Pullen says:

You vile bastard!!!!

Matthias Gold says:

another great hit after the lockey tractor, the near kill of the
greenkeeper in portugal and now THE SHEEP! #gotthesheep #youtubegold

Ed Stevens says:

Nice bladed 52…SHEEP-KILLER!

Darin Darling says:

PETA will be all over this one… lol

rosenlefty12 says:

add sheep to the list of things crossfield and lockey have it!

r427frosty says:

Almost as violent as Randy Johnson smoking that dove with a fastball circa

CaribSurfKing1 says:

From Augusta ( now near where I live ) to Southerndown, epic!
I grew up a few miles away in Llantwit Major

3steveo3 says:

@14.25 brilliant fp…… #parfield

Cameron says:

I loved how once you hit the one sheep, it took its child and ran. Then the
rest of the herd ran for their lives. LOL

Callum Ferguson says:

Bloody hell i felt bad for the sheep!

Christian Steel says:

When is James Diamond coming back to the course vlogs?

bceagle83 says:

At least it wasn’t a lamb shank just a long baaaaall

Richard Burrows says:

Not many better places to be on a day like that.

GrandmasterN says:

“Lucky” seems like a really funny guy. You all do to be honest!

Mark Bond says:

I can’t believe you he didn’t shout baaaaaa!

ryjo30 says:

I can’t believe all the stuff you guys have hit. It’s kind of impressive

MurphySG24 says:


Andy Berry says:


Alan Coleman says:

If this is day two, where is the day one vlog

Alex Fearn says:

Hopefully going to be playing the Royal Porthcawl course soon!

MissyLaMotte says:

Well played, Rory!

Poor sheep … but at least it has its wool to soften the blow.

Steve R says:

I never hit anything other than heels, toes and rough on a golf course.

You guys hit green keepers, tractors, appartments and sheep almost weekly!

Daniel O'Toole says:


Ratbacon says:

Southerndown looks great.

Also, bruised sheep and no respecting 20 footers. Great vlog.

Mark S says:

did I hear Lockey say its baaad? bad sheep pun

Matt KM says:

Rory’s trousers are as blue as his mood during your Cardiff tour

marknic79 says:

Ha ha ha Mark just tenderising the lamb!!!

stayshreddedmyfriends says:

why do you tee the ball up so high on par 3 iron shots? do you adjust your
swing at all or just strike it higher on the club face?

Lewis Miller says:

Been waiting for this course vlog for ages, my home course

playaplayanomore says:

We need a vlog with Mr Southerndown Member!

Yigal Bloch says:

sheep shot ^^

heywal says:

what a gorgeous day!

Vici Martynov says:

We’re three little sheep that chip in the sand Baaa Baaa Baaaaa ;-)

nebraska39 says:

just priceless

Strat TelePaul says:

I think you guys would play much better if you would “no respect” every
shot, not just putts. It has worked quite well for me since 1980.

vagelztein says:

I really like your videos Mark. I’m sick right now and been like that for a
month now and all I want is to start the season and get out on the course
🙂 Keep up the good work!

XesserX says:

Oh dear… If Youtube went mad over a banana peel in the rought, wait until
people watch this! It’s gonna be Sheepageddon!

Andy M says:

I really want a softmint

heywal says:


Tour Victory says:

Looks like a real neat golf course! What was your favorite part?

bwotwbianlw says:

geez…the sheep didn’t even get a ‘fore!’

playaplayanomore says:

“Let’s see what he does? WHAACK!” 

mick mueller says:

Time waits for no one Matt. We shall all grow old.

Michael Scrimshire says:

Bit of a ” wooley ” shot on the par 5 !.

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