Southerndown Golf Club #Porthcawltour Pt2

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Close Southerndown Golf Club #PorthcawlTour Part 2. Watch the team take on some of Porthcawls’s best golf course. Matthew Lockey, Rory from …


Brian Ford says:

another example of +Mark Crossfield talking as someone is damn near ready
to hit and then they hit a bad shot and he laughs about it…not so sure
it’s funny anymore to be honest.

Mark Crossfield says:
tommy smith says:

can anyone else hear any sound?

Stephane Gauthier says:

I want to see more #buggytime with Rory

P-M Meiners says:

Great stuff guys. The course looks very good and what a scenery! Wow…

Darrell Ferguson says:

Lockey Toe Hang

redlinejcw says:

I like it better when Mark and Lockey are on the same team. Their chemistry
is better when they’re not ragging on each other.

Michael Pitts says:

#yourgolftravel fancy a trip to Canada for this Gem?

Ratbacon says:

Absolutely gagging to play a round after watching this. Course looks

falen arkanta says:

rory kinda look like james may

Ged Goring says:

I think “old raymondo” get ready in the dark. Was he wearing those trousers
for a bet. Lol. Course looked fantastic. I bet it’s a bleak place in the
winter tho. 

Matthew Coles says:

I made it in the video and witnessed #lockeymagic

Andy Bullock says:

Locky #bunkergod 

mick mueller says:

Gamesmanship from a pro, who loves to win.

T. White says:

Anyone notice the Rory closes the face of his club prior to address on most

JC Media says:

Mark, you should come and play Renishaw Park GC in Sheffield!

Mark Benson says:

What handicap is Rory?

Tom Hobbs says:

Nice one mark, course looks a gem! But sorry, can I sponsor you for a new
pair of trousers

Vici Martynov says:

Loves his long irons and his lumpy, uses a face balanced putter, must be a
kindred spirit, I better join the #LockeyArmy ;-)

ryanomillar says:

Stunning place to have a hit!

Topthecat says:

Brilliant fun and a brilliant course.

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