Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

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Golf Life Television and interview Michael Bennett, the co-inventor of the popular new swing on the PGA Tour, The Stack and Tilt. Bennett and his partner researched golf swings and body mechanics to arrive at this golf swing philosophy that has been very successful with many PGA tour professionals like Dean Wilson, Mike Wier and Arron Baddeley. Find more golf feature videos online at or


Andy King says:

As I understand it, Sean Foley (Tigers coach) supposedly did a lot of work with Bennett and Plummer when they developed S+T?

eric dekarski says:

STACK AND TILT DOES NOT WORK!!! yah it might let you hit it more accuartily by not transfering your weight but it makes you hit it less. i ahve a swing where you sway right then shift it goes 30 yards further then this shity swing

cgasucks says:

Such a fad this swing is…see how many pros now are winning events with this swing….stick with the fundamentals that stood the test of time folks…

miwamiwakodomogaiku says:


tisanosennbazuru says:

【】どなたでもいいので、現金を受け取ってはくれませんか?ここでの書き込みですと削除されてしまう可能性がございますので、お早めに【】からか、またはyoutube内動画検索にて『 わちや 』で検索して頂きますと、最短で30分程でお受け取りになる事ができます。どうぞみなさま、削除される前にお早めのご連絡お待ちしております。

Ian Farquhar says:

My natural swing was built on this teaching. On backswing, weight on front foot, then release all of my right side and tuck it in to the left side or toward the target.

TheGolfdu says:

@SquirrelFromGradLife That is not true, although 99.9% of the greatest players/ball-strikers employ most of the S&T principles. I know a 75 year-old, could hardly bend over at all, he can only bend over for his golf club (That’s his maxium), and wasn’t flexible at all. But he hit far, high push-draws all day without huting his back.

SquirrelFromGradLife says:

There’s absolutely nothing new in that “stack and tilt” swing. They’re basically just copying Sam Snead and because most golfers don’t know their history they can get away with it.
It’s creating power though rotation versus the wider swing people adopted in order to create power with the old clubs. Ben Hogan tried to copy Snead and did a pretty good job of it but never got it to be as natural and effortless as Snead.
In order for the SnT swing to be successful you have to be very flexible.

Ben Harris says:

So, just to get this straight, am I right that the difference between the stack and tilt and the ‘regular’ method is that the regular method tells you to shift your weight and the ‘stack and tilt’ method says not to?

GolfSwingTipsBlog says:

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LaurenceFloyds5 says:

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Keaton Brown says:

… The one plane swing does the same thing and more efficiently…without creating a reverse C in your back thus straining it… If you set your weight on your lead leg and make that leg, hip, and knee your axis. The results will be the same. Consistent release = straighter, further shots IJS..

DASH1ful says:

stack and tilt and watch your game wilt

JohnThe41 says:

Best Golf Swing Training:

DustinArmato says:

Dont, stack and tilt loses yardage, causes fat shot shots, and less consistent shots. Ive played it for five years to discover by a pro that you must first shift your weight on your back leg instead of your front leg, then follow through!

samimalmstrom says:

It really worked for tour pro’s, so well that most of them resorted to their old swing.

PingG10guy says:

traditional stack and tilt pattern is punch elbow with square shoulders at impact. Serious question…how are you inline with punch elbow and square shoulders at impact? the baseline is out to the right and it influences big hooks until players learn to compensate for the flawed position. All of the “stack and tilt” guys on PGA tour have elbow infront of the right hip at impact. They dont stack and tilt anymore

eric dekarski says:

this swing fuckin sucks dont do it!!!! u loose around 30 yards.

jcking33 says:

SWING.. swing.. swing… gOLF is the best sport for me!!!

E Stephen Holstein Jr says:

There still is a weight shift off the right to the left like any other athletic motion. I am a PGA Teaching professional and currently play at a 3 index. I have played this setup now for several years and find that it needs to addressed cautiously and delicately to be implemented properly. When done so, it is a simpler, more repeatable way to swing yielding an overall substantial increase in distance resulting from overall improved ball striking and a lower, higher spinning ball flight.

E Stephen Holstein Jr says:

I think the main aspect of this to understand is that the extreme examples of high handicappers that people see in the infomercial with straight right legs at the top creating a stack, tilt and hang the f’ on to the left side is not what proper, more advanced S&T is. A proper S&T is no more than controlling reducing lateral movement, improving consitency and a downward hands forward position at impact. When its really done correctly, its only slightly different from a traditional motion.

HedonistHippo says:

Stuff this.
3 Words.
Moe Norman Swing.

Isaac Cowdrill says:

S & T Does Work, the pros only went away because of confidence, the stats said they were hitting it better, but they didnt believe it, it was all confidence

rahdeeze1 says:

@stuntman206in , you are absolutely correct, ive been practicing this swing for the last 2 months and can honestly say i see a total improvement in my game.

pattyheno says:

because they can’t do it themselves that why they think it sucks.
i’d love to see some of these so called swing professionals videos on here.

pattyheno says:

hey this swing works for some and not others.
So because a professional golfer tries another method then it’s no longer a good method.
Aaron Baddeley’s a pretty average Golf pro with or without S&T.

PKCeltickick says:

Some parts of this swing techniques are fine. Particularly for good iron play. Moving off the ball, and not being able to return to the ball in proper sequence can lead to inconsistent shot making. Stack and Tilt keeps you closer to the hitting area, which is good if you move off the ball too much. Right sided swing does this as well. To each his own, whatever works. No one here can condemn another for what works for them. I like certain aspects of the S&T for mid and lower irons.

mct765 says:

and google “swing sequence tiger woods” and click that first link if one of the greatest golfers of all time has changed his swing to someething quite close to the s&t theirs something to it

mct765 says:

google “stack and tilt vs sean foley” and read the golf digest article and then remember that this is TIGER WOODS new coach and he just said that he is compressing the ball “like I never have before” and hitting the ball “more flush”

Adam Stevenson says:

Iron Byron? Hmmm…I’ve been teaching golf for several yrs, and being centered does have it’s benefits, however even Hogan maintained a positive spine angle away from the targit in his backswing, verifying a loading into to right side in the backswing! It’s simple physics and common sense when watching a pitcher throwing a ball or a boxer throwing a knockout punch, you can’t do it from your leading leg. ” 2 pivot points creates a natural latural lateral movement from the backleg to the front.

TheGolfdu says:

Face it S&T’ers, it’s over. If Charlie Wi follows Aaron Baddeley’s leaving of S&T, he’s gonna win a lot of tournaments, quite possibly a major

MrBashshar says:

who gives a fck how u swing as long as u play well.

stuntman206in says:

wow, there is a lot of bitching in these comments! are you all 12? lmao! that being said, those of you discrediting this swing, what is the reason for it? why do you think it sucks? serious question.. thanks!

stuntman206in says:

maybe for some.. but I really do make better contact, etc.. swinging this way. Shoot, my PW goes 150, 9 iron ~165 and up from there.. its nuts.. but more importantly it feels right, smooth and crisp. to each his own I guess. It pisses me off a lil that these guys are selling dvds claiming they invented this swing.. thats the most bullshit about it

stuntman206in says:

I am new to golf, and I actually began to develop this exact swing. IT made so much sense! made me hit the ball straight, and far ! I was doing great, and it felt great! then I took a golf lesson and the guy said I was doing it all wrong, and really messed me up! Now that i find out others believe in this method as well, I am going back to it! I will not be crediting these guys with “inventing” a new swing however, This is how my body naturally developed its swing, its right for me!

Jospehporta says:

@blackkow87 LMAO what’s even funnier is you’ve delisted your video and stopped people from making comments on it. Not surprising seeing other people were telling you how stupid your swing looked. Or maybe YT did because they have a policy of no gay porn. Well if anyone wants a good laugh here is the douche bags swing.


Jospehporta says:

@blackkow87 Kind of hard not to notice your ass you stick it out so much. As I said it looks like you’re about to drop your pants for your boyfriend. You swing is fucking terrible. Also I’m surprised you didn’t bag your head, it looks like a smashed crab. You talk about sucking cock a lot, seems you have a lot of experience. Maybe if you did less of that and actually practiced a real swing you might be able to hit a decent ball.
You must be laughed off the golf course with your swing.

Jospehporta says:

@blackkow87 Hmm feeling a little inferior, not surprising with a swing like yours. Honestly you stick your ass so far out it looks like you’re waiting for your boyfriend to come up behind you.
LOL it doesn’t take balls to put anything on YT. Well maybe for you it does, putting that hideous swing and face on YT.
Well considering I’m not a pro golfer and play 2-3 times a month, I’d expect them to beat me. However I’d wipe the floor with you. My biggest problem would be trying not to laugh at you.

Jospehporta says:

@blackkow87 The remarks took me all of 5 seconds to write and they are completely truthful 🙂 Your swing is terrible.

Jospehporta says:

@blackkow87 LOL well Baddeley says he won it on talent. It still doesn’t change the fact that any self respecting pro isn’t using it. How does that feel, ya moron 🙂 Any more bullshit. It isn’t my fault this is the only technique you can use. Have you finished crying?

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