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Get Mark’s iPhone App Get Mark’s Android App Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter The Exeter golf professional Mark Crossfield answers a question from a YouTube member on how to stop slicing his golf tee shots. This free golf lesson will help you hit better and straighter golf tee shots with more clubface control and better weight transfer. Improve your golf today with great online golf lesson from the internetgolfprofessional Mark Crossfield. Clifton Hill golf range uses computer technology to help you enjoy your golf and improve your skills, to book a golf lesson with Mark please call us on 01392 493196.


callofdutyfanatiic says:

his squeaky shoes have cured my slice

TheSlucas93 says:

Was wondering if you had any response to this question Mark. I hit my driver bout 300 yards (never had my swing speed measured) but was told I should use a stiff shaft. However I hit a cut with my tee shot and always struggle to control a stiffer shaft (slicing it often). I’ve worked hard to get down to 6 handicap but now can’t control my tee shots any better. Should I stick with regular flex and work harder at being more consistent or jump to a stiff and work at a more draw based swing?

MrSekitori says:

The wrist thing did it for me – thanks a lot !

IrishGary1 says:

this is a great tip, the other day i was slicing everything off the tee, tried keeping the wrist flat to slightly bowed at the top of backswing it makes a huge difference. Thanks mark!

ThOrnton42421 says:

Great vid. I played alot when I was younger and just now started playing again. Im 20 and much much stronger than I was back then and I have been slicing all my drives. Thanks for posting this video it helped alot

Joel Hoare says:

Hi Mark,

First of all would like to say all your videos are really constructive and helpful. I’m playing off around 24 atm, and have always had real problems with my driver. I recorded my swing and have noticed that compared to most pros my backswing and general plane is very flat, and at impact, my hand are quite far away from my body. The pros seem to have their hands very close to their pelvis through impact. Could this be causing my slice? I will shortly be buying your android app!

Mike OD says:


morgz400 says:

hello i come from NZ
I have to say you have dramatically improved my game with this lesson,
I applied these 3 major points today at a local course (Gladfield) and had unreal succes, blew me away actually,
my driving is now pretty much straight and feels great – (first time in my life)
with the club face pointers i applied to my irons and was hitting greens from the fairway from the first time,
to sum up
about 6 pars, a birdie via chip in,
and my first hole in one on a par 3

thankyou so much

stefan harrison says:

thanks for the tip, really appreciated

joe Blunt says:

get a ping K15

brad stecklein says:

it’s a very complicated menstrual cycle!

calum hall says:

c mon that comment of yours was five months ago, r u still not off your period, poor guy.

brad stecklein says:

rocky don’t be so salty!

calum hall says:

god help ya. it must be your time of the month

ricardoricardin says:

Great tips


great tips mate I’ll give it a try !

maxpf says:

wrong guess, but don´t worry about it, haha

brad stecklein says:

or, how about you don’t be a guttersnipe coward! if you disagree with someone state your case. i don’t read golf magazines. i successfully instruct golf for a living.  let me guess your another 12 handicap who thinks he knows the ins and outs of the game?

maxpf says:

god please don´t come crawling with golf magazines -.-

Mububban23 says:

I used to cock my wrists too much, thus opening my clubface and typically hitting long but waaaaay off to the right. Distance is useless if you lose your ball again and again 🙂
This tip has helped me a lot.

bennythebearful says:

left wrist is flattening??? Could you explain that a bit more?

brad stecklein says:

“don’t ever move the hips in a forward motion toward the target” ???? says who. what golf magazine did you read that in? do you also want us to keep our heads still? there is a slight lateral motion that occurs before the hips rotate (during the downswing). careful about giving advice, if it’s the wrong advice!

mcdb06 says:

Any tips or swing thoughts to help keep the left wrist in the right position? Have big problems in that area

bettin7 says:

thanks for the greaT video you cured my slice overnight so to speak, had no idea what i was doing wrong until i watched you. ive never hit so straight in my life!!!!!

kushagrakachhawaha says:

Hi Mark, I bought a couple of Drivers, hoping to cure the slice.
Reg (49gm TQ 5.0) Burner HT 460 straight with little fade, dist 240 yds
Stiff (60gm TQ 3) R9 460, slice, dist 290 yds
Stiff (52 gm TQ 4.5) Maruman Shuttle HT straight but no carry, dist 200 yds
1 Stiff Shaft (60 gm TQ 3.1) Titleist D2 mostly slice dist 200 yds

Is it because of the stiffer shaft or low TQ ~ 3 or the wt of shaft, that I am unable to control the driver face do you suggest to use higer TQ shaft around 4 in D2?

myersjulian says:

thankyou mark crossfield. you have finally cured my slice.

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