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Recognised as one of the leaders in golf instruction, La Manga Club Academy of Golf (golf.lamangaclub.com) offers you the ideal combination of superb practice facilities, high-tech swing analysis and, most importantly, a friendly and experienced team of pros, plus, of course, the mild and sunny Costa Calida weather! Whether you are a total beginner or a tour professional the La Manga Club Academy of Golf will improve your game for sure. By incorporating both computerised video analysis and traditional teaching methods in a fun but professional atmosphere, our professional team of instructors will take you through all the steps you need to achieve a better game of golf. Whats more, with our EXPLANAR Golf Training System for both adults and children you will soon be playing like a pro! We offer a selection of different courses for adult golfers of all abilities, ranging from two to four days in duration, as well as private tuition. Specialist academies for children are available during school holidays. La Manga Club 30389 Cartagena, Murcia Spain Tel +34 968 175 000 Ext: 1360 Fax: +34 968 175 058 E-mail: golf@lamangaclub.es golf.lamangaclub.com

www.hermanwilliamsgolf.com This golf swing lesson video is the third of a 3-part online golf lesson series about grip, flat left wrist position and release by Herman Williams, PGA Professional, at HermanWilliamsGolf.com and the Golf Academy Raleigh, NC. The elusive “release” in the forward swing portion of the golf swing is described in detail with specifics on training for improvement. For private lessons contact Herman at Perfect Fit Golf @ The Golf Academy 4750 Auburn Knightdale Rd Raleigh, NC 27610 919-661-7100

www.thenorthlondongolfacademy.com The North London Golf Academy Tel 020 8427 2590 David Lloyd Sudbury Hill, Greenford Road, Greenford, Middlesex, UB6 0HX The North London Golf Academy originally opened March 2009 and has been at the current location in Sudbury since around end of 2010. With a remit to provide expert golf tuition regardless of the weather conditions we are pleased to provide the following facilities: 3 Sports Coach golf simulators including analytical shot data, built in launch monitoring and cSwing video recording technology – Indoor putting area Outdoor short game practice area including bunker – Fully qualified PGA professionals for all lessons www.youtube.com Our simplified membership options are now available offering 3 choices and 4 different agreement lengths. Two of these now include access to and use of the outside short game area as part of the membership package. In addition we have added the side camera to the Sports Coach simulator in the members room and upgraded the projector to the latest model, the image quality has to be seen to be appreciated. The experience in the members room is now exactly what you would see when having lessons with Darren or Joe. Lewis Atkinson — PGA Professional Lewis Atkinson is a fully qualified PGA professional who has enjoyed great successes of his own on the course as well as through his students’. His teaching philosophy is a simple one, with the end goal of getting the ball into the hole in the least amount

Click Here for More Golf Tips: ignitiongolf.com Golf Instruction In this golf lesson I show you how to get that smooth, powerful swing everyone marvels at. You know the one. It’s that swing that looks like the person is barely swinging yet they hit it a mile and they seem to hit every fairway. Although it looks simple it does take a little effort and the right instruction. Most people are confused when they see someone with this type of golf swing. They just can’t figure out how they do it no matter how much golf instruction they have taken. If this is you, what you are missing is that the body is telling the arms how fast to come down. In a good golf swing the body only rotates at approximately 2.5 mph. If the body doesn’t turn very fast and it’s telling the arms how fast to come down the overall swing would appear slow and effortless. The power is generated through the club hinging and re-hinging in the wrists. The looser the wrists, the more clubhead speed that is generated. If you’ve ever had some golf instruction or lessons in the past you will have worked on your wrist hinge but in doing so you were most likely trying to hit the ball solely with your arms. This hitting tightens your wrists and actually slows the club down. To get this easy look you need this looseness in the wrists and you get it by not trying to hit anything at all. In other words, you’re just letting the arms go along for the ride. For more golf instruction tips please visit my YouTube channel

For more lessons & tips check out www.hermanwilliamsgolf.com. In this video golf swing lesson, Herman demonstrates the downswing shoulder move to avoid coming over the top in the downswing. This shoulder move will help you avoid spinning out as you drop the arms and club in the slot on the downswing. Video link www.youtube.com Website link: www.hermanwilliamsgolf.com Herman Williams is a PGA Professional Golf Instructor in Raleigh, NC at The Golf Academy.

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iPhone app itunes.apple.com www.4golfonline.com Cure Your Slice Golf Lesson with Mark Crossfield the internet golf professional. Improve your hip turn and understand how to much hip tilt will cause the over the top downswing. Watch this easy to use golf drill as Mark talks about how to improve your hip turn with less tilt for improved downswing and swing plane. Play better golf today with Mark’s day to understand golf lessons.

Understanding the two most common swing releases in golf, the rolling release and the stable release.

www.golfwerkz.com – Long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski joined Gary Williams for a friendly competition in the Golf Channel studios. One drive by Sadlowski was all it took to put a hole through the simulator and an end to the game. “Breed’s gonna be pissed…” Via http Story at Golfwerkz.com: golfwerkz.com Jamie Sadlowski Golf Simulator Numbers – Distance, Ball Speed, Side Spin, Spin Rate, Launch Angle, Hang Time: golfwerkz.com

Some people never stop whinging on the course about how unlucky they are, so to rub salt in their wounds GW counts down the top 10 luckiest shots in golf. Off the backboard, lay-ups off trees and lucky escapes, we have it all. Welcome to Golfing World. Created by IMG Media, the world’s leading…

Fixing an outside swing in golf can really be helped by using a mirror to see your swing. Fix your outside swing with help from a professional golf instructor in this free video on golf swings. Expert: Conan Elliott Contact: www.teacherofchampions.com Bio: Conan Elliott has been the director of instruction at Camas Meadows Golf Club since January 2004. He has been teaching for more than 30 years, and truly is a “teacher of champions.” Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson

A 15 minute workout for a consistent on plane golf swing. Very easy, very simple, yet very very effective. Train your body to make a consistent on plane golf swing in only 15 minutes a day. Perfect for people who don’t have time to go to the range or practice alot. This workout can be done anywhere, at home, the office or the gym. Gain flexibility, strength and balance in one golf swing drill.

Golf Life Television and Hitgolf.com interview Michael Bennett, the co-inventor of the popular new swing on the PGA Tour, The Stack and Tilt. Bennett and his partner researched golf swings and body mechanics to arrive at this golf swing philosophy that has been very successful with many PGA tour professionals like Dean Wilson, Mike Wier and Arron Baddeley. Find more golf feature videos online at www.golflifetv.com or www.hitgolf.com

October, 2005, Angeles National Golf Course, Los Angeles, CA

Here is a good slow motion video of Luke Donald. In 2011, he played some very consistent golf and became the #1 player in the world. You can learn a lot by watching his golf swing. Notice how well he swings the club on plane. Swinging the club on plane is a key to hitting the ball solid and maintaining a consistent ball flight. Also, watch how the golf shaft bisects through his right forearm as he swings up and also when he swings down. Not much can go wrong when the club bisects through the forearm on the way back down. Also, notice how he has good hip rotation while the club stays on plane. This is a very nice swing to try to copy.

Golfing World counts down the Top 10 Unique Golf Swings. Some have unconventional habits while others are so unique many wonder how they can score so consistently on a regular basis. It just proves that any swing has the ability to be effective. Welcome to Golfing World. Created by IMG Media,…

A very brief pointer from the man himself.

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www.performbettergolf.com – If you find yourself hitting inconsistent shots. One time you may hit a big ‘ol fat chunk shot, another time you’re over-compensate and hit a thin or bladed one. The frustration continues as you try to “figure it out” on the golf course. This golf swing video will show you the role of your right elbow in the golf swing, and what it’s supposed to do, and if you don’t do it, you’re doomed to a powerless swing that never goes straight. For more FREE golf swing video tips, visit www.performbettergolf.com