The Disc Golf Guy – Vlog #276 – McBeth Barsby Sexton Miller Wysocki – Rnd 3 Front 9 – Nick Hyde

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We move back to the par 65, Harry Meyers Course for round 3 on Sunday morning. Gregg Barsby opened the event with his -15 on the 19 hole layout and I know he’d love a repeat of that performance.


Tyler Olsen says:

love the coverage!

thediscgolfguy says:
TruffulaSteve says:

LOL… Barsby is a Boxx Smasher since way back

mrDROCK says:

Glad to see some Oregon players on the lead cards this season.
This course looks like a righty forehand or lefty’s dream.

Lee Thomas says:

crazy! anyone notice the near squirrel fatality by way of ricky’s forehand
skip. right around 12:08

Dion Arlyn says:

Really great to see Sexton and Miller tearing it up. Thanks Terry for your
awesome coverage!

kyle anderson says:

Just noticed Ricky almost took out that squirrel. poor guy. Speaking of
which, one time a friend of mine threw a forehand a bit high and his disc
never came out of the tree but a squirrel fell out instead. When we went to
go see what happened the squirrel jumped up and ran off.

eddie martinez says:

nate peeing in the background haha

jeremy ziakas says:

Thanks for the coverage! Great job

Jon Anderson says:

Barsby favorite thing to do is “smash boxx” lol. Awesome!

Austin Wingfield says:

Been hitting refresh for a while. Thank you for the time you put in. Is
there a donation page? 

James White says:

You do a great Job man. Very professional commentary. Keep up the good

Robert Kaylor says:

Very nice camera work on this one. Well done! Thanks for the upload!!!

Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:
13by13dg says:

Thanks Terry! I love the cheesy opening interview questions. Making a
story of it is always good!

sgtkibble says:

Who doesn’t love smashing box in their off time.

jamalydude says:

Mcbeths first putt…. Damnnnn

4eis4me says:

I thought Ricky killed that squirrel!!

Tom Gilberg says:

awesome coverage. thank you.

Disguised Ed says:

Looks like Paul could use some McBraces.

Jerimie Lankins says:

Excited to see Brody touring this yr….quality dude with the game to

mc22367 says:

Anxiously waiting for the final coverage.

mdaviar says:

Great coverage again Terry! I really enjoy your vids and commentary

13by13dg says:

Sorry cheesy not in a negative way! :D

Michael Phillips says:

Terry you are awesome and thank you for contributing so much to the sport.
I honestly am anxiously waiting for the 3rd round back 10 holes and I am
happy to support. I firmly believe that by me supporting your efforts you
will support my need for quality disc golf coverage.

Golf Information Source says:

Latest Golf News: The Disc Golf Guy – Vlog #276 – McBeth Barsby Sexton
Miller Wysocki

Benjamin Rice says:

Good googlie mooglies that drive at 9:25!! 

Mike Riemer says:

Color me confused. I could swear McBeth carded a five on that last hole….

Jeb Watson says:

I love watching Ricky during interviews. He’s always goofy, but he’s always
getting a lot more comfortable in front of the camera each time.

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