The Golf Swing Stay Connected

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The Golf Swing Stay Connected golf lesson with Mark Crossfield. Watch as Mark helps another golfer improve their golf with this easy to use drill fro stay connected in your golf swing. Improving your golf swing to stay more connected will help you build very high levels of consistently. If you can learn to control the club face with the bigger muscles you will cure many poor golf shots that might be holding your golf back.


budradis1 says:

really a great drill i struggle with this

Seamus Griffin says:

Hey Kari, you can always have your clubs re-fitted as you grow, a regular check (once or twice a year) of loft and lie by a pro is always a good idea and it does not cost much. Clubs will drift and the more you practice and play the more likely they will ‘drift’. Good luck and have fun.

PS – great videos and advice Mark

James Richards says:

Nice video, too

James Richards says:

The sound is a little bit left-panned. Just fyi 🙂

MrSpydor says:


theMANxGOLFER says:

When sending videos in would you prefer a behind view or a front view like this video?

TommyTVids says:

Not to intrude on your conversation with Mark but I’m fourteen as well and a 5ish handicap. I’m about 5′ 10 and may grow a bit more but not much. I think getting the clubs that are fit for you is a good idea because your play will increase soo much! I’ve definitely noticed it because after 1 to 2 weeks I’ve got soo much better. Totally worth it

kari1003 says:

@4golfonline, Hi i am about 20 handicap and i’m 14 and not fully grown yeat should I get costum fitted irons or not becous I will probably grow more and then they wont fit, should I wait for me to be fully grown or not ???? Thanks for all the great videos I’ve lowered my handicap alot by whatcing your videos

GolfWorkshop says:


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