The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Backswing Takeaway

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Get Mark’s iPhone App Get Mark’s Android App Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Backswing Takeaway with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield PGA Professional. This weeks show talks about how to stay on plane and balanced in the backswing and how your takeaway will affect your golf shots and ball flight. Play better golf with Mark Crossfield one of YouTubes best and most loved golf professionals. Improve your weight shift and control on the backswing to hep you stay on plane on the downswing.


gee gee k says:

Good drill Mark, you keep things simple.

Annie Bean says:

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gojipoj says:

Hi mark, I tend to roll my right hand as I take away the club, which in result it make me hit a strong fade or straight then towards the end turns to the right, the ball that is. I appreciate your input and love your videos. Can I post my swing to you on your face book web page please> cheers

Margaret Evers says:

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BRUCE2W says:

Thanks mark your video’s are the best please keep making them 

MrBradman23 says:

Thanks a lot for the drills. You make the golf swing simple. Keep up the good work.

1989HAMILTON says:

Lyle and Scott

MrDaryboy says:

Love your vids. Can we please get some putting drills and concepts.

claytonskyler says:

Yeah well……

gmonkey808 says:

This guy is one of the best on youtube.

sxice says:

1:15 he ducks as the ball ricochets off the wall! HAHA!

richchri2 says:

Love that first drill.

topbanana0 says:

think its Lyle and Scott

POWDERjeremyREED says:

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DeamMe says:

Brand on the shirt? (;

Lloydyman83 says:

Thanks for the analysis Mark. I am player one in the video and really noticed an improvement at the range on Saturday. By concentrating on getting my weight inside my right heel, rather than moving it forward, I was staying on plane and hitting the ball straight with no sign of my block slice. Thanks for all your help and vids.

Mark Page says:

With regards to second section of this video. What a great tip this is (right hand on the shaft and keeping the right hand in front of the left) as I suffer with the club getting behind me in an atempt to get the club going back inside the line. I also get a severe cross at the top with the head of the club disappearing behind my head, from a down the line view. I can’t wait to try this at the range tomorrow. Thanks for another great vid Mark and I look forward to many more in the new year.

165525toddy says:

i played a local course yesterday, marks tips are helping! i’m hitting better shots not all the time but its a start. i think your golf swing is constant work in progress! merry christmas to all on here

karysh67 says:

Thanks Mark for all the great Video’s this past year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

Kenji Saisho says:

Mark, excellent instructional video as always. great drills, I will try them out on the range today

gaffs82 says:

First tip, don’t hit golf balls in your garage!!!

jsmills85 says:

Great tips! Thanks a lot. I definitely have problems with my take away, but you gave me some good starting points. Thanks!

rianco says:

Did that guy in the middle just get hit by his ball? LOL Mark put it on this video on purpose for us to laugh at. lol awesome.

Aran Sinclair says:

remember to put my swing on askgolfguru aran sinclair on facebook

gbvoul says:

AAAHHHH bad swings. must get the Men in black to erase it from my memory

bobdole4129 says:

chhaytea says:

I love his reaction on the rebound! 🙂

samwinstanley73 says:

Player 2 of the spine angle part is hard core! playing indoors without a net and just absorbing the ball on the rebound…. is there any advice mark can give that will make him a safer golfer..

Will Lynch says:

nice one mark do the nike vr tour str8 fit driver

baroberts says:

Really like the spit hand takeaway idea. You have a lot of simple but effective ideas. Thanks

AdamCarson1872 says:

does it matter what angle the camera is at ?

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