The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Hip Turn and more

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Get Mark’s iPad App Get Mark’s iPhone App Get Mark’s Android App Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Hip Turn and more with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Improve your hip and shoulder turn for stronger better golf shots. In todays golf show Mark helps more iphone and android golf app golfers with his lessons, along with question of the week and golf talk talking about lag.


09HDSofT says:

I had been fighting my lag issue for a few weeks prior to this video being released. after seeing how you break down other issues to assist clearing up the main issue, I decided to break down my swing and see why I wasnt getting the lag I was looking for. I have quite a few videos of myself and noticed one amazing similarity with this video… I was sliding!! Changed that to a pure hip turn with a slight slide to transfer the weight and now Im straighter and longer than ever.. Thanks Mark!!!

SMB0632 says:

I have always suffered from OTT and spinning out of the shot. I can’t believe how much this video has helped me to hit higher straighter and longer.

9tube1 says:

Excellent video Mark!  Your depth of knowledge regarding swing faults and the methods for fixing them correctly (as opposed to band-aids) is most impressive. Thanks.

stityriah says:

mr guru will your app be coming to windows mobile?

mcgroogtube says:

Another great vid Mark, I am a very knowledgable golfer and research and analyze the game a lot but i have yet to verify if i should be trying to get more of a hip turn or less on the backswing, i am very flexible i believe and this video just verifies that i should be trying to get as much of a shoulder turn with minimal hip turn.

Steve Evans says:

Holly what’s her cops lol!!! When is she joining the show? A bit cold for her in the UK with that short skirt she wears.

delers321 says:

the good old momentus swing trainer in the background 😉

TheWoodsyClan says:

Thank you so much for showing my swing (lefty). I went outside and practiced the drill and i must say the new position at the top feels so different! but then squaring my stance and coming through feels and sounds stronger (i haven’t hit any balls with it yet). Does this reverse spine angle error also tie in with my over-swinging and flying elbow at the top of my backswing?
I will persist with this drill and others in your other videos relating to this fault.
I want to get better Thanks again.

itubeutude says:

Thanks for the OTT instruction. Suffer from that also. Makes it clearer now what I should be doing.

mao2996 says:

Hi Mark, what about a video on how to hit a fade and a draw?

kundalisynchronicity says:

Hi Mark, love the channel, keep up the great work! I’m setting up a golf simulator at home, do you recommend any particular screen size/projector spec? I purchased a short throw projector yesterday and haven’t had a chance to hook it up yet to my optishot, anyway I think my impact screen will have to suit what I have.

Brian Masefield says:

Great Lag video from Shawn Clement…. clemshaw is the channel name “Feel the lag”. “Lag like a battering ram”. “Get deep anchored Lag

bigmaxy07 says:

Mark, just the mere mention of Holly will get you more hits.

M3gatr0n44 says:

Holly what’s her chops, haha gold!

hummingfish says:

Leaf moved at 10:42

djp3525 says:

I TOTALLY disagree with his analysis on lag. Yes, he is a teaching pro and I am not. However, there is a great book available by an author named J.F. Tamayo who teaches how to create lag. And it definitely works and more importantly, its very easy to do. It just takes a little practice. My club head speed has increased from 105 to 120 because of this book and I am hitting straighter, longer, and more consistent. This is not spam and I’m not a troll.

davieboy1873 says:

Holly what’s her chops, what a pair of doos she has. Loving these new scenery videos

Judge Smails says:

Don’t sky that lovely Mizuno… Noooooooooo!

; o )

robiscool09 says:

Thanks so much mark!
I’m hitting under my driver so much and have like 15 marks on the top of the driver just in the last week, I thought it was the tee height but i’m hitting the ground before hand regardless of the tee size.

higgins340s says:

heavitree rude boy, down with tha kidz, bad manners wearing a cap inside, cant they send you less garish gear, or go the whole hog and get some royal and awesome trousers.

flingdog2 says:

Yes, where is Holly?

flingdog2 says:

Yes, JPX 825. Does he like it? or using it because a “Sky” could put an Idiot mark on the top? Kind of liking that driver- would like to give it a ” wallop”

Joseph Lee says:

ohhh now the indoor monitor and facility…and the lighting! keep up the vids, mark!

greenadam21 says:

Mark do you find that most people you help with getting the separation between hips and shoulders gain or loose club-head speed. Obviously what we want to strive for is control….I’m just curious as to what the normal result is. I feel i’m loosing a lot of power but it could be due to other issues.

loveaduck73 says:

Holly What’s-her-chops!

mcseanoo says:

Probably didn’t want to dent it or scuff it during the example

ilovejimrogers says:

great video, you should be commended.

Dowza99 says:

Hi Mark, having the occasional problem with leaning back which is causing the occasional duck hook, only with my driver though. Any pointers. Thanks. Great vid by the way. Thanks again

Dowza99 says:

Hi Mark,

Dowza99 says:

Hi Mark,

TheAntard says:

hey mark love the videos help alot,
Im right handed playing golf left handed because i always have and right handed never felt natural , lately i have been having problems sending my drives curling left iv found quick fixes but always seem to end up back where i started sending the ball high and curling left i hope you have some tips keep up the great work !!!

tdelaify says:

11:12 … one!

Patrick Carter says:

Noticed that you did not use your Nike LE driver for the Sky fix.

MrFlowermuffin says:

Was that a HD Golf simulator?

MiniBlueDragon says:

I’ve also seen people skying a driver by teeing it up too high; make sure there’s only half a ball or so above the top of the face.

nigel taylor says:

So are the canes back in sync at impact, or is one ahead of the other?
If so which one?

BrownB34r21 says:

I wanna see a video on putting!

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