The Vale Golf Club The Lakes #Cardifftour

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Close The Vale Golf Club The Lakes #Cardifftour with Mark Crossfield PGA professional Matthew Lockey and Rory from YourGolfTravel. Watch…


Mark Crossfield says:
straight True says:

I’m not so sure that Lockey’s ball didn’t hit that guy ( 32:09) on his
right leg because it appears to roll back after impact. Plus it looked to
me like the guy was waiting by the bridge in his buggy for a while ( still
there @ 37:26) #OKCorral

Jake Rains says:

Hi Mark,

Big fan of yours!
Love playing golf but wondering where I can get a Game Golf for cheap as I
am only 16 years old and do not have that kind of money?


Matthew Haggarty says:

It’s all gone a bit ‘Blair witch’ for my liking. 

Rob Webb says:

2 over 2’s. What does that mean? I get 2 over but 2 over 2’s?

TheLordWillis says:

Mark’s first shot >>>>

Michael Ruppel says:

that for sure hit him

Paul van de Loo says:

Usually they play above par, right?

3steveo3 says:

@ 32.07 “thats killed him….. fore” im creased….

Dev Devlin says:

Poor Rory, trying to hit a 4 iron with you two ejits giving him stick! haha

Richard Burrows says:

@4min”Is he in the hazard?” BLOODY RIGHT he is, Rory visiting parts that
most members don’t reach lol

Golfguy076 says:

Where does the Ray reference come form?

Phil Kwon says:

Cheers for Mark’s 8 inch vertical.

mcseanoo says:

33:15 “He didn’t even notice it I don’t think” when you can clearly see the
guy on camera jumping.

gordon o'riordan says:

Just curious with the new intro u have Daly&Player major winners but no
Clarke and i remember u doing a video with him

Carter Herring says:

“Don’t hit it over there. I told you that.” 

Eric D says:

Absolutely priceless stuff in this one, if it could give it two thumbs up
I would! The best had to be Lockey’s putter shamelessly propped up on
Mark’s though, I almost woke up the kids. Great stuff guys… 

alpine996t says:

Hahaha. Marks loud laugh in the background as Lockey hits the trees
(twice). Priceless.

Kr0pD says:

Mark : the army = never quiting

Nick Usher says:

Mark, have you uploaded the John Daley interview yet? Can’t see it anywhere
on your channel or golf digest?

Will Bick says:

Does Lockey ever get a putt up to the hole?

butette says:

This must be the worst course vlog Mark ever made.

TexasTalk1846 says:

Teach Rory that fade shot stuff, Crossfield.

Ratbacon says:



SuperJupiter33 says:

that gaps still there …too funny !

PingDrv00 says:

60 quid Rory, love it!

Steve R says:

‘Are you throwing that too him’ haha

Michael McNichol says:

I feel like I should move to the UK so I can audition to play with you guys
full time lol… you guys are an absolute riot. I’ll watch you guys play
well into your 80’s (the age, not the score) if you’ll allow me lol

scott crockett says:

Lockey going all Ronaldinho and performing a little keepy uppie session was

Gauthier Vuitton says:

rory should wear the masters hat

Richard Burrows says:

@ 21:19 bunkers, the worst part of the Lakes course. 20+ years and they
STILL cant get them right

Darrell Ferguson says:

When you hear the He’s a Lovely Boy piano theme, you should have Chubbs
Peterson from Happy Gilmore start singing “We’ve Only Just Begun” They have
the same piano ring

Jase Woody says:

What happened to this vlog lmao, Rory is all over the place and doesn’t
seem to know any rules lol, playing like brick, the other 2 have lost the
plot as well hahaha, lockey always keeps it entertaining though :p

robbie966 says:

Great vlog as always guys. Great stuff!!!

Alan Coleman says:

I’d sell the club’s rory

Matt Johnson says:

That ocean conversation had me in stitches

Wes Ferrin says:

I am a lifelong member of Matt’s Army. I think you should change it to
Matt’s Militia! Maybe you could sell camouflage hats and shirts Matt!

jppongo06 says:

Just realised Coach Lockey looks a lot like Kevin Kilbane

Mark Manfredi says:

Hi Mark, still think you should do a live lesson with Rory? C’mon you know
you want to

david chapman says:

what was that old alessi brothers song…..oh rory!

007toft007 says:

blair witch anyone?

Robin Baker says:

deffo think Lockey hit the guy on the right leg. Seemed to rear up. And how
does Rory get two shots on a hole if he’s playing off 8 or 9?

Patrick Sullivan says:

Nice video. Keep them coming.

Dtyler171 says:

That island green par 4 is easily one of the most ridiculously hard holes I
have ever seen.

JokerDavis90 says:

Mark what are your thoughts on a free lesson with Ray and share it with the

John Dough says:

What’s a round with you guys take? 7 hours?

Charlie Carpenter says:

What does Rory (Ray) play off?

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