This is Disc Golf – SpinTV 2015

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The state of Disc Golf by SpinTV. Promotional video for the 2015 season. If you liked it, make sure to share it with friends! More high quality Disc Golf videos on our channel & http://thespintv.c…


Jeremy Hodges says:
Innova Disc Golf says:
djbme83 says:

I love the fact that you featured a variety of top pros and not just Innova
sponsored players! Well done!!

Andy Klinger says:

Very well done, SpinTV! 

Brian Wovlerton says:

As a High School Video Production teacher, father of an Eagle Scout
candidate who is in the middle of installing a beautiful championship 18
course in Jamesburg, Nj and a passionate new player this video ROCKS! Keep
up the great work in “growing the sport”

Petinac Zahradka says:
nickas78 says:

This is just awesome! Definitely would love to see this on TV! Keep up the
great work SpinTV! Just shared it on our Disc Golf Show page as well!

Jiří Macků says:

Tohle je Discgolf

dvsmike says:

1st hype video for this sport and it is all sorts of awesome!!

dickiejbrewer says:

After that, I think I can actually break Lizotte’s record! Awesome sport
to be a part of!

213ultimate says:

Very happy to see that my video have inspired you as your footage inspired
me! . But you could at least change the title, right? it was the
minimum… Anyway beautiful editing, really nice to see. Good for our

DVarelaTenors says:

The one dislike is a ball golf player. lol Really well put together video,
i’m glad i subbed.

Chris Colomb says:

wow – nice job!!!

Wooden Impact Discgolf says:

highly recommended #DiscGolf Promovid ;)

Jonathan Perea says:

Freaking sweet!!!

Matt Cates says:

I want to show this to everyone that says this sport is just throwing
Frisbees. I love this video.

88dekdo says:

1:09 best kind of destroyers around…

Gustav Öberg says:

Nice video

Within Starr says:

This will bring more people to the sport for sure.

iStrife says:

Who dares dislike this…

Thomas says:

Wow, very well done!

Henning Larsen says:

Great video!!!

Nathan Yates says:


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