Tiger Woods Golf Swing (Slow Motion)

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Tiger Woods Golf Swing (Slow Motion) bit.ly


JhosefL says:


stevasis says:

I actually like the song…and the swing

invictor123 says:

Now that’s a shoulder turn.

miwamiwakodomogaiku says:


Jonathan Willemain says:

whats up with the music

Jubilee Jackson says:

Nice follow through

xfactor5492 says:


KrisBkh says:

Why have u ruined this with a fuckin horrible tune!!!!

xelement101x says:

couldn’t of said it better myself. Just look at Mike Vick, what he was part of was horrible but once he steps on the field he is a football player and nothing else.

hgtbgaming says:

Hes an Amazing player and one of the greatest to ever play the game!!! And who cares what he did?? Thats his personel buisness and i dont think that should make anyone think less of him or derate his golf skills! And thats very undecent of you!

Eric Gordon says:

Nice video! Be sure to check my rocket powered golf club as well!

TanasRoot says:

Anyone find one like this from the side? So impressive. Get even close to copying this swing and you’ll be doing okay.

letsgoorioles says:

Sadly, this is how I’m reworking my swing

David Burrows says:

@Tobes57 haha good one!

Macsab says:

lol go fuck yourself for that comment. lol

braveleeee says:

truly beautiful

Tobes57 says:

Great hip movement
He obviously employs a very stiff shaft
Straight in the hole every time
What a player
What a swinger

007toft007 says:


alexanderherringe says:

the op swing is not good bod dewn swing is good

kaballas123 says:

this was his first porn video. nice music..

Zachypants97 says:

He’s stays so balanced throughout the entire swing.

GolfSwingTipsBlog says:

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slickcrew says:

nice swing

ducktube3 says:

That will help me every time thanks Tiger!

dmilesfan says:

That is unreal

joec4792 says:


luxorluck3 says:

hahahahahaha thats the best comment….

oOOpIIIqOOo says:

fuck, his swing is soooo sick! i wanna be black so badly…

ForzaAjax says:

Pure perfection

golfnutster says:

Beautiful swing, but we don’t know which one it is.

turftalk808 says:

im glad everyone knows so much about a golf swing but cant golf worth shit

RobertMirzakhanian says:

He is uses his left arm as a rope attaching the body to the club. The rest is all right side. Weight shift to the right and staying on the right side till almost contact right hip starts left gets out of the way right shoulder throwing right for arm and right hand with the club head leading in front of his body. As complicated as that you can do it too. And the head dont worry about it just keep your left eye on the path not on the ball. Don’t get eyes frozen on top of the ball.

CoVrt says:

the old song was way better where did it go?

nichi92 says:

hes doing it wrong

Chris McLeod says:

can someone check out my video and tell me how my swing differs from his…thanks!

JACK smithers says:

His golf swing in fundamentally perfect….who is this anyways?

MsKilluminati2012 says:

beautiful posture anyone here anything good about the taylor made R9 TP’s

Izmael1310 says:

look at his head no movement there that’s the key look at him now and you will see how he digs his head down.

smashupradio says:


earthshine2k says:

yeah, all things being equal, the bigger, stronger athlete has the advantage. always has, always will. provided all the other things are equal.

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