Tiger Woods golf swing under Chris Como analysis

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Not even close. Certainly not back to the young Tiger swing. And where in the biomechanics research is there anything detailing important anatomical movement…


myswingevolution . says:

Hi Kelvin! I was so excited to watch this when I saw that you had posted
it. It’s informative as always, but I have one question about the old
swing that I know used to plague me and many pros like Gary Player pointed
out as a flaw in Tiger’s old swing. At 3:37 you his right heel has popped
off of the turf very early in the downswing and he gets a “tip toe” look on
the downswing, which raises his right hip as opposed to the rolling right
ankle look of Hogan and many other legendary pros. Does this indicate a
flaw in his kinematic sequence? I’ve been thinking his high right hip was
why he often had trouble clearing and he would get “stuck” and hit the

Diego Diaz says:

Love it… An Old Man with a bad back. That should cheering him up. Respect
him as I do as the status he has in golf but I’m afraid we’ll never see the
Tiger challenge on a regular basis. Hope I’m wrong but just can’t see it.

Devin Dash says:

This is not the swing we saw on the course the last 2 rounds. You can’t
cherry pick one range swing and say the changes aren’t what he says they
are. You need to do another video with the swing that has him hitting 77
percent fairways for the first time in a year+..

swingtrade2 says:

tiger needs to grip the club at the angle his left hand naturally hangs. He
puts the club on the ground where he thinks it’s right and then grips it.
Wrong. This puts his left forearm in an unnatural position with the left
wrist. His hands are behind the ball. The best drivers have the hands
even or in front of the ball. Check out Nicklaus’ set up when he was young
and Mcilroy now. Tiger use to set up with the hands in front. Look at the
videos when he won the amateurs. Something changed. Maybe Haney changed
his grip looking to get more lag and it’s false.

KnoxHarringtonVA says:

Kelvin. Thanks for posting the analysis but I believe you are comparing a
range swing at about 70% power where he may be working on a feel vs a
course swing on the right. The swing you have here doesn’t look like the
swing I saw on the course during the rounds this week and would like to see
what you think. I don’t believe anyone at the age of 40 will be as dynamic
as they were at 24 but he looked to be generating plenty of power on the
course this week. 

Joakim Bengtsson says:

Hes out of the woods. Hes tiger woods

Matt Martin says:

It’s so much easier to not hump when you’re not as steep. When you lay the
club off in transition your glutes fire naturally to counter balance the
swinging around your body.

kevin cheung says:

Hi Kelvin, I have heard many great things about you and would like to know
if I can email you to get your opinion on a few things. Please let me

Rob S says:

I can finally swing the club like Tiger! lol. Too soon?
Even though he has 10 years on me I too swing like an old man with a bad
back, and fight the instinctual goat hump.

Kelvin Miyahira says:
島守 利文 says:

Tiger Woods golf swing under Chris Como analysis

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