Wayne DeFrancesco self analysis of his golf swing 2011

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Wayne DeFrancesco looks at his own golf swing to as he works to improve his form. This online golf lesson gives you a great idea of what he does with his onl…


Scott Canfield says:

So Wayne, when will you analyze the swing of Paul Wilson? We are all
waiting… His clips have been viewed millions of times and are all over
YouTube. C’mon Wayne — we really want to see it. Thanx!!

Wayne Defrancesco says:

@jservesG Thanks! I guess I’ll win just about everything this year now that
I have the “perfect” swing.

Martin Gonzales says:

We only see what the Tour stats provide. We don’t see practice,
exhibitions, or fun rounds. But, thanks for the info and being right. I’m
not worried about being right or wrong, just considering an average. My
stat came from Dave Peltz. So you might want to contact him.

DASH1ful says:

Wayne you are just compensating by opening your stance to stop yourself
from twisting round on the back-swing. Form a triangle with your legs, as
Jack Burke says, and use the angle of your right leg to turn the lower part
of your body by pressing down on ground with your right foot when you are
in a position to flex the right arm back. That’s what Hogan did. Even
though you are holding with your right foot placed forwards there is still
a degree of twisting, putting a lot of strain on your leg

Wayne Defrancesco says:

The leader in greens in reg is usually around 70-73%. That’s less than 13
per round. Tells you how important the short game is. Hitting the ball well
in general is an incredibly difficult task. Driving it long and straight is
even harder.

Wayne Defrancesco says:

How do you think Hogan did it? Why would you fear looking at what the swing
is doing? I am a good player, not great, and wish to get better. I suppose
you would just have me go out and “feel” it. OK, but what if that doesn’t
produce the results I am looking for? I don’t understand why you would want
to willfully ignore the data, be it from a video of the swing or Trackman
or whatever. There are many ways to be good. If the talent and physical
ability is not there you need every bit of help.

Martin Gonzales says:

thanks Wayne D. I dig your website, golf brother. I think it’s all around
awesome. I really appreciate all your interest, knowledge, and sharing. I
coach/instruct at the University of Washingtion driving range. Your
signature video analysis has been a valuable coaching tool for me. I see
what you see. Thanks for that. I always credit you and send folks to study
what you do. Much appreciated and yes I’m having fun working with you
somewhat indirectly. Love it!

Benzoso55 says:

I’m tired of people coming on here and trashing someone’s swing or there
beliefs!! Wayne does honest evaluations of swings draws lines to prove to u
that it’s fact not opinion. U guys telling him to stop being so analytical,
that is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard!!! He makes his living
helping people simplify golf swings to hit it as far and straight as u can
with fundamentals and a simple swing! The people come on here and hate on
his swing why don’t u post urs and let us critique it!

FerTnDurG Gaming Extravaganza says:

@zeeman1948 yeah..read my post explaining how he is going in the wrong
direction for his body type.

Martin Gonzales says:

PGA Tour Pros average 14 greens in regulation per round.

bryzensoftware says:

@wdefrancesco haha… Wayne, you’re awesome. I just stumbled across your
videos. Saw the Trahan analysis. Love the honesty. Then came here to check
out your swing. It looks NOTHING like Trahan’s, so not sure what big daddy
jservesG is talking about. Anyway, just thought your reply to him was
classic. Keep the swing analysis’ coming. Love them.

Högni Jónsson says:

swing just a little bit LEFT after(or at) impact and you are almost
perfect., my two cents

C Haynes says:

Wayne, thank you so much for your many videos directing my awareness to the
problem of “head drift towards the heels” during the downswing. I’ve
developed this tendency as I’ve lost some flexibility over the years,
causing the right leg to kick in and the hands to get overactive squaring
the face. I hit balls today and found it much easier to start the ball on
line with the same trajectory each time. Thank you again for the great

cybermatrix1 says:

Wayne does your open setup position help you to shape your shots left to
right or right to left? Would i be wrong in saying that your stock bad shot
is a push out right straight as an arrow? I am interested in what your
training regime is both on the range on the course and in the gym… I do
like your very well presented videos, but how did you get into coaching

Wayne Defrancesco says:

Hey Martin: You should check out my website (my name .com) I think you
would would enjoy it. We have built up a large inventory of swing analysis
videos as well as lessons and instructional pieces.

thedomfc says:

Wayne, you should really do an analysis on Lucas Glover. He definitely has
some unconventional (by your standards for sure) moves, but if that guys
doesn’t purify every one of his shots…I dont know who does. Remember when
he won the ’09 Open? He hit it 350 down the the pipe every time, and was
flagging 3-irons from 240 out. Obviously, that performance seems like more
of a fluke in retrospect, but his swing seems worthy of an analysis. Talks
about compressing the ball. Please 1-time!

RK831 says:

How many greens do you hit per round? 12-15 is good enough, and I don’t
think anyone can ever average 15-16 no matter how hard they try.

Aydthegolfer says:

Good analysis and swing

Wayne Defrancesco says:

Fred Couples never hit a shot off the center of the clubface in his life.
Why would he care about how he did it? I once filmed Ray Floyd hitting
drivers and when I watched it I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. He
was hitting it great but breaking every “fundamental” rule there was. When
he asked to see it his comment was “I’m making a better shoulder turn”.
Many players are just good. Others need technique to make up for lack of
talent and/or physical ability.

backflipboy99 says:

I was wondering, would you rather recommend a release of the head aligned
with the torso, or one leading the torso as in Annika’s swing analysis? It
seemed you liked that action, though it is rather rare to see it in most of
your other swing analyses.

WillowTM says:

Wayne is always so high…

cybermatrix1 says:

Wayne does your open setup position help you to shape your shots left to
right or right to left? Would i be wrong in saying that your stock bad shot
is a push out right straight as an arrow? I am interested in what your
training regime is both on the range on the course and in the gym… I do
like your very well presented videos, but how did you get into coaching and
can you describe to us viewers what are the best angles at address et al
Many thanks

Martin Gonzales says:

Thanks for taking the time to do this. Awesome. I just subscribed. I’m a
golf coach as well. I learned quite a bit from this video. Thanks.

FerTnDurG Gaming Extravaganza says:

God aweful setup I must say; you have wide shoulders but a narrow stance,
you’re feet are flared like a duck. You need to get back to the
fundamentals kind sir! I myself am a firm believer in swinging according to
body type and with you’re body type I think you should aspire to hinge and
pivot something like Jim Colbert.

tincup1268 says:

@Martin Gonzales but I did call tiger and he said that stats PGA tour has
are right, same for practice rounds and such

tincup1268 says:

Better check again. 2012’s number one guy didnt even average that.

tincup1268 says:

Exactly. I just started playing the mini tours (struggling) but my best
round was when I only hit 11 greens. Got up and down everytime and made a
few birdie putts for 69. Last 4 rounds hit 13,14,15,15 greens and shot over
par all of them. Professional golf is all about 150 yards and in, in my
opinion. Lot of guys hit it long. All that being said, I’m sure week to
week on the pga tour the winner hits more than 70%, but I never check stats
thats just a guess. Hes also usually top 3 putting.

soml says:

a point. i think if guys like fred couples and ray floyd sat and analysed
the golf swing a tenth as much as you they’d have been local teaching
pro’s. the hogan point is getting weary. hogan hogan hogan. guys who are
left handed (hogan, price) can re-route the club just by pulling hard with
their stronger hand. us righties struggle with that.

soml says:

how the hell do you play the game being so analytical? you get the club a
little deep through first half of backswing, a little steep through secong
half but then reverse the club nicely at start of downswing. and thats it.
simple. stop with all the thinking. i would think the ary of being a good
teacher is being able to focus on whats important and letting go that which
is supportive.

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