Why I Want To Fade My Golf Shots

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Why I Want To Fade My Golf Shots with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about his choose of golf shot and why he has gone to a fade. See why he feels he wants to shape…


Mark Crossfield says:
Matt Caldwell says:

Why is the description of the video in 3rd person?

Jason Payne says:

i am in the exact same position i always played with a fade when i was
younger and went from 18 to 6 in a year and a half, then i decided to try
and start hitting a draw which has now put me at a standstill at 6 and im
missing everything left for the past year. im now trying to get back my
fade as i felt a lot more comfortable with it but its coming back to me as
easy as i first thought.

Ofri Porat says:

Thanks for the great video, Mark! I’m a natural fader, and I lose distance
for that reason too. I can’t hit draws (especially with the driver) on
command, but don’t you think that’s something one should eventually aim
for? Nothing wrong with playing a fade but I’d assume one should try to
shape the shot depending on the course and conditions. For example a draw
off the tee, and then a fade to the green.

Ralph Melis says:

+Mark Crossfield what is the technology you use to do the ball tracking?

Cornwall1888 says:

At my course all the trouble is on the left that’s why I developed a fade.
I know guys who are successful drawing it but if their timing is off they
will hook it out of bounds several times a round.

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

When did Mark lose his accuracy? I remember when he used to talk about how
neutral his path and face were (zero’d out numbers) and the early course
vlogs bore this out where he was able to have #greatbanter with the lads as
time after time he’d predictably/’boringly’ hit fairway and then make par.
But after a while he seemed to lose some accuracy off the tee with driver.
What went wrong?

IsleOfManClad says:

Very interesting vid Mark,I also struggled with an overdraw/pull
I changed my fitting to 0.75 flat in my irons which has helped me a lot,
great video’s keep em coming

kingshearer2 says:

Lee Trevino is a master with that shape of shot. Also makes alot of sense
playing that shot for approach play and holding the greens. The hard bit is
doing it, I thought it was just a case of opening the face of the club but
it sounds like you have to make some changes to your movement too.

mariodee says:

is it harder to hit a shape shot with game improvement irons? you use the
mizunos EZ irons…just curious…

Andrew Edgeller says:

Ever have the situation where you aim left trying to play this and it just
dosen’t come back or even hooks? makes for some very big scores when you
have trouble that side.

IPSL says:

Think you meant swinging to the ‘limit’ of movement rather than the

Diego Diaz says:

If it’s good enough for Mr Hogan, then it’s good enough for Mr C !!
as for O.B. Blockey ??? well enough said !!

Alexander Orlando says:

Mark, first of all, I absolutely love your videos. I have subscribed for
years. I’m glad you posted this video because this is exactly what I am
doing with my golf game right now and it was validating to hear you talk
about the benefits of hitting a fade. Not that any of that matters just
wanted to say thank you. Please keep up the videos. Maybe do a video that
compares draws v. fades on T shots and approach shots.

Chris Weatherall says:

I think the reason I would initially have preferred a draw (I started fade/
slice) is because nearly all of the OOB is on the right, nearly everywhere
I play. Had a few lessons and then first time I got on GC2 HMT with a
different instructor I was about 10 degrees out to in, he changed that in
one lesson to what is more like 2 degrees out to in now. Which is a lot
easier to manage. My aim is to get to 0/0, then I’ll think about shaping
shots intentionally.

sepnsons15 says:

I have a question I can hit a draw & a fade but I struggle to control how
far it goes right and or left I would like to control it to a 5 yard draw
or fade and I’m having a hard time doing that is there a way how to control
how far right and or left ?

shirzotv says:

Great video Mark. I am now considering changing my shot shape back to a
fade, as well. As you said I feel it’s much more consistent. Love the
videos keep them coming!!

Vigzol UK says:

I’m also starting to hit the big draw-hooks, gonna give it try

GrandmasterN says:

You make loads of sense. I can tell you why I try to hit a draw. I feal,
that my “outside to in swing” is a mistake, it makes me somehow slice my
driver alot, because my club path is above my hand path. So I try to get
that fixed, by using your “rev’ing” left hand technique. That gives me an
“in to out” swing which give me more control, I feel.

Duncan Kim says:

I watched Jordan Spieth’s winning (by a country mile) with his chicken wing
swing and thought perhaps i have been forcusing on something less
My effort to achieve draw swing, I now have a mix of left and right misses
when my swing starts to break down. This made me feel really unsure what to

Your video made a perfect sense to me.
I think i should stop fighting for my fade but learn to embrace it.

Thanks again Mark.

Candypants says:

Basically what you mean in physical movement is if you scale it from 1 to
10, 1 being minimum rotation 10 being maximum you can consistently hit 10
as that’s your physical limit you can’t rotate anymore whereas if you try
to hit 6 and 7’s that’s more down to feel not physical limitations so it’s
harder to feel you hit the same number all the time. Correct???

John Martin says:

thanks for sharing mark. i have a question for someone like me who draws
the ball but struggles with dynamic loft and angle of attack a little (have
been on gc2) how do you think a fade will go, i have tried this in rounds
before and i find that my strikes improve and my ball fight is a bit more
penetrating. how do you find that playing a fade affects your numbers, i
understand that you are skilled enough to manipulate your contact data but
for others what would you think you would see?. enjoy your videos thanks
John Martin

mikey shore says:

I’m starting to play with a fade/slice as I feel comfortable playing that,
I am hitting the straight but my “lazy” swing is a fade. I am also just
trying to find consistency, high handicapper but will be turning that

Steven Moss says:

My pro has got me putting a twist in my wrists at the top of my back swing
to help me get my hands more in front of the ball at impact he also has me
drawing everything from tee to green . My contact and distance have become
better but my handicaps going the wrong way . I am hoping the more I
practice the accuracy I felt I could achieve will come back but at the
moment the swing changes are hard to consistently repeat I feel I can over
twist my wrist causing me to hook the ball . should I just twist my wrist
as far as I physically can then I am at a roof with my twist and work on
hitting target like that ? . Thanks for your time any feed bk welcome 

Dev Devlin says:

I love my fade. I notice alot of people I play with in the society frown
upon a fade and see it as a ‘bad shot’ even tho I have a good 80% or so
fairways. People are strange I guess.

MurphySG24 says:

It’s a strange case with me, I hit a super consistent power fade with my
driver, finds the fairway most of the time subject to wind and kicks.
However with my irons I play a draw, I don’t swing any different and this
is just how it’s always been for me and I’ve become relatively accurate but
as of late they are over drawing a tad making me not swing free causing the
ball to go anywhere with my irons. Might try some of these feelings to try
to reverse back to a more neutral flight, thanks Mark!

Michael Madden says:

Always loved a fade. Makes me feel I’m placing the ball where I want it to
be, not hitting it to a general area. So … ball position the same? Apart
from moving your body to its fullest rotation, no other bio mechanical
adjustments or alterations?

alestev24 says:

I can completely relate to that, although at a much less accomplished
level. I also want to hit that shot, that “falls” gently to the right,
mainly, because for me, it is the shot, which I naturally “see”, when I
stand behind the ball. Trouble is, it just seems that I can’t hit that shot
with 7-iron and shorter clubs. Working on it with my instructor, but the
three or four left to left misses with short and medium irons still ruin my
rounds. Wasn’t it Trevino who said “You can talk to a fade, but a hook
won’t listen.”? So true.

don blem says:

I’m working on turning my fade into a draw for no other reason than it
looks nicer. You’ve just persuaded me to drop that and stick with my fade

jreidythegreat says:

Mark the problem is it’s more of a confidence factor for players who can’t
control the flight of the ball, for you it’s really quite simple because as
you said a draw is NOW your natural shape. I mean honestly I just play golf
for a bit of fun it’s my recreational sport, I probably “slice” the ball a
good hundred yards left I aim that far right of target it’s not even funny.
I’ve never had a lesson or anything but I’m slowly starting to learn how to
make the ball hit target with a desired left to right flight ( yes I am a
lefty) and that’s just from sheer disgust of hitting a slice. The question
I have for you is do you think swing speed or the hype of swing speed
detracts from the fundamentals of a golf swing? (ie face to path, in to out
or out to in) plain old hacks like myself literally just try to belt the
ball to get distance when in reality I should be worrying about the strike,
face to path my swing path etc. like I can swing up over 125mph and still
see the ball end up below the 200m marker. Thoughts?

Brad Morris says:

Would you do a lesson with Rory? Would like to see you analyze is swing and
see where he might improve his ball striking. Assuming he wants to.

sean craig says:

Hit it straight and take out two sides.

Christian Gustavsson says:

According to Butch, Spieth’s stock shot is a draw, did he play with fade at

Andy M says:

lots of valuable info.

Rhobot says:

Maybe you can do an analysis on Couples/Holmes/Watson/Woodland’s swings to
see how they all hit it far with their cuts/fades so you can get some of
that distance back.

doublet91 says:

Great vid. Nice pro-tracer addition too. But, many a swing changes have
ruined golfers…

Oh, and who is that chick in new intro anyway?

Vici Martynov says:

Interesting video with good insights i think. For me shaping shots is like
pulling teeth, draws impossible, fades just about possible but completely
out of control. The driver for me attempting these shots was curving balls
round obstacles but led me to a 5 month arm injury. Basically i just hit
the ball straight, where the ball lands just depends on how well i aim the
shot and that is improving. Not a chance of me shaping the driver that just
goes straight and low like a bat out of hell, which is why i don’t like the
driver, its different to the other club swings and i don’t like that. I
think the main problem is that I dont really turn my body at all, its just
arms and shoulders so there isn’t much curvature in the swing, its like a
full swing putter stroke he he Maybe I will get better and more versatile
this season ;-)

Charlotte Bell says:

Have you had a chance to try out the new Hogan FT irons?
Thanks, Tim

petembb says:

Hello Mark,
Great video. From a beginners perspective, when u recommend looking into
working on a specific shape or type of shot, over improving strike/impact.

David Fletcher says:

Good video as ever, do you think too many people try to change their
natural fade to a draw believing it goes further? I fade the ball and know
it’s going to happen and play with it in mind. I hit 75% of fairways so
would not really consider changing unless there was a major benefit.

Dustin Michienzi says:

im doing the same thing! its what Hogan did too. He was fighting a hook so
he just drive his right elbow forward and rotated his body through impact
to consitently get that fade.
seems to have worked out

theMANxGOLFER says:

Why I Want To Fade is an easy question. You can talk to a Fade but Hookers
don’t listen.

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