WISDOM IN GOLF; Takeaway Waggle Update by Shawn Clement

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www.shawnclementgolf.com Shawn Clement, 2011 Ontario PGA Teacher of the Year Nominee and Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre, CLASS A CANADIAN PGA MEMBER, shows you how to get that extra measure of relaxation by feeling that the takeaway waggle matches the direction and contact you want;


clemshaw says:

Hi Thomas; yes many and I would go to the following: “How to release arms and club; shawn clement”, “Hammer through; shawn clement”, “Farm Hammer; shawn clement”, “Feel your swing plane; shawn…”
All the best! Shawn

wastl67 says:

Shawn, great videos and I like the story behind all of them which realy links in to each other !!! Is there a clip around where you explain the arm-club-unit ?Would love to understand your thoughts on it. How can I generate power with a driver without generating too much tention in my upper body ?
Thomas (Germany)

coalminer11984 says:

i think i know who this one is pertaining to 🙂

lappies1984 says:

great vid and enjoi learning from you and thanx to all the vids and tips please keep making more

clemshaw says:

That was an awesome chip Nigel! Feels good man! Thanks for the comment and kind words and have a great season down under; Shawn

Nigel Jones says:

Hi Shawn Nigel from Australia here. Did some video analysis lessons with you earlier in the year. I love this tip especially for chipping. Check out my chip in for Eagle on my page! Golf swing and game going great thanks for your videos !

JCook3123 says:

Wooo! Love when a Clemshaw vid pops up in my subscription box

Tourswing says:

I have the same set up as Shawn in my studio suspended by 4mm tension wire attached to the ceiling with screw in loops. Are u in the Uk Dave? If so I found these guys were best value for archery netting…and it even came with the tension wire…merlinarcherycentre very good quality or you can try these guys too who are a little cheaper but not sure of the quality bowsports

clemshaw says:

It is just green netting with some target signs in the background; I like to use very poignant signage like “beware of dog!” and “keep out!”…:) The white stuff is expensive archery baffle but is in it’s 7th year of total pounding and it not letting up at all; the stuff is just indestructible…

David Simon says:

Hey Clem, Got a question for you, what are you using behind the net you hit into, I’m trying to set up an indoor practice room in my basement. I want to hit my driver without the ball coming back at me. Thanks in advance and I really like your teaching method.

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