Your Right or Dominant Arm in the Golf Swing – Find Your Approach Golf

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The right arm can be a big time key for our swing or it can be the key that makes our swing get off track. Hope this helps you play better golf. Thanks for viewing FIND YOUR APPROACH GOLF.


findyourapproachgolf says:

Thanks for all the kind comments. This is the way I learned to play the
game. By watching listen and just a passion to learn and get better. So I
started making plans and taking them to the range. Then taking them to the
tournaments. Those plans from watching and learning from every type of
golfer their is. That lead me to turning pro. Right now on playing mini
tours in the south and that’s taking so much of my time that I have not had
much left over to film and edit and upload videos to the channel. But for 6
months I was filming and editing and getting them out as fast as I could. I
just feel like no matter if it’s me trying to play at the highest level to
a person trying to beat their group on weekends it’s the same mind set. We
all want to be heading down the right road. I’m also a person that can
learn something from just about anyone and have. But for some reason that
did not appear to be the case in how to play your best golf. If I saw one
video I saw them all. That was the very thing that started this. My
thinking was these words I here and the feels I have don’t equal out. Then
I watch players from the 1950s to now and none swing alike. So I just start
making videos on all the things I found work for me. Then adding in all the
things I saw working for other players. The number one goal of the channel
is for a viewer to start practicing and working to find their swing. That
is a swing that can hit targets. Then help people when finding their swing
understand it the ends and outs of it. So when it gets off track they can
identify why this happen. If one person watches one video that leads them
to finding their swing and then finding enjoyment in golf and all they have
invested is a little time on YouTube. This channel has done what it set out
to do. That’s help other people with out braking the bank to get the help.
I’m always wanting feed back and never hesitate to ask a question. I don’t
have all the answers but I try and give a few things and then the person
will find the answer by which ever one fits them. Once again I’m glad these
videos have help. Because that makes all the time making them worth doing.
Thank you for watching. 

Dave Pollard says:

Took this to the course today and it is absolutely solid advice! I feel
I’ve wasted so much time at the range and on lessons – things can only get
better! Thanks and keep it up!!

Richard Montfort says:


WereAllThatBored says:

What iron was that you were using in the video? 6 iron?

g scribling says:

You’re actually talking about the bicep bone, not the elbow. The elbow is
the corner of two bones, it can’t point anywhere. 

Aaron Patterson says:

Wonderful video. My consistency has improved dramatically. The pull hooks
are gone, I can actually produce a fade when needed. Thank you very much!

jason rudzik says:

That’s the best swing video I’ve seen on you tube and I’ve probably seen
them all . Right up there with bobby clampett forward swing bottom.Thank
you has down wonders for my ball striking.

hat trick says:


darren hazelgrove says:

i thought the hips start the swing not the arms??

Klaus Klaus says:

just found this video…its even better… wish id seen this some 3 years
ago… would have saved me a lot of headacke and weeks in the driving
you’re doing a great job !

Klaus Klaus says:

Just watched all your videos and red all the comments… And you genuinly
seem to apreciate feedback and people’s inputs… it looks like you’ve
really been on this side as well… looking for different
instruction…advice you could trust… and all you get is ”one size fits
for what is worth… i knew exactly where i wanted my elbow to be but had
a hard time doing it… i’m a beliver in ” no wrist action is good
action”… instead i cock my right ARM …flex the biceps and then extend
it somewhat with the begining of the downswing with my right palm up and
the club laid off…brings the elbow to the spot… from there i can turn
as hard as i want… shallower plane,better contact and not so timing
dependant… anyway, this is my two cents… not sure my explanation would
help anyone but worked for me…
As for the ocasional ”critic” … don’t bother… there’s not a decent
golf video on the chanel without at least an ”armchair viking golfer”
that knows it all…
good luck and all the best !

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